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Friday, 1 April 2011

the new begginning!!!!

well,basically i always wanted to express and share with the world what would matter..
finally after a lot of repercussions i am here to fulfill my dream of being a writer.A writer with a lot of responsibility towards one's own brethen and society.To return something good to the society that has nurtured me and my abilities and broadened my horizons.Being a journalist or a writer are diversified fields but go hand in hand.A journalist has a ethical responsibility of passing the information in genuine context so that it can reach and initiate changes.whereas a writer has a freedom to write his thoughts,feelings or draw characters and stories that can inspire what would you be??
according to me everyone has a writer in him or her,be it a teacher or a worker...till the end of time emotions and thoughts will exist and so will writers.......
my baby steps in blogging have started and i pray to the almighty and lord to bless me with this initiative so that i can be a honest n rigid principled journalist as well a good writer....two sides of the same coin you see!!!!
thanks to everyone who inspired me and nurtured me as a person who could emote so freely and that in turn helped me to think,process and write...
my first thanks would be to my mom and my brother chiranjeevi
later on to my friends shweta and snehal for gifting me diaries that were of great help in times of emotional regressions.....thanks and hope to keep you posted about everything that next topic would be love.som if anyone wants to give a feedback or give your suggestions do mail me.